Welcome to America

There are many factions in the United States political system. However, “official” and “respectable” sources would tell you the following:

  • They are the good guys ( Team A )
  • Those other guys are the bad guys ( Team B )
  • Everyone else is fringe and inconsequential

If you want to follow the labels that the mainstream sources put out, welcome to the fringe. In reality, the “good guys” and the “bad guys” are ultimately on the same team and they just wear different colors. The third, “inconsequential”, category actually contains a list of ideas that the majority of Americans support and have supported for the better part of a century.

Last year after the 2018 midterm elections the Democratic Party won a majority in the House of Representatives and the Republican Party boosted their Senate majority by two seats. For those that do not know, the majority of Republicans and Democrats differ on social issues but share common interest in general economic policy. Unfortunately for more than 90% of Americans, that economic policy has been eroding the financial power of the average worker for decades while bolstering those already rich who are not contributing their extra wealth to the economy.

The general consensus outside of the two established parties is that rich individuals and corporations hold too much power. Even collectively, the common people in the United States are often unable to overcome the amount of power that the rich hold because of the massive gap in available resources. Welcome to America.

While this sounds hopeless, there is still a way that things can get turned around. Taking on corporations head-on has proven ineffective in most cases and even getting corruption of any sort to stick to President Donald Trump is more-or-less a joke at the moment. But the way to get everything to finally start working for average people is to get real representation in seats of power.

To build a successful corporation from nothing ( sounds like the the American Dream! ) doesn’t always work out reliably and ends up only benefiting a few individuals in the long-run rather than creating a massively positive changes in the lives of millions. In 2016 a lot of people woke up to the fact that our system is horribly broken and prompted a large reaction in 2018. While not the huge populist wave that many of us were hoping for, a few important battles were won for those who care about the longevity of average Americans.

Enter Representative Alexandria Ocassio Cortez, the youngest woman to ever have served in the House of Representatives. While mainstream media is making a big deal about her being a woman, and her ethnicity, and her age, the real story is in her ideas and relentlessness when combating our broken system. The fact that she was able to defeat an entrenched Democratic incumbent and go on to be seated in the House during a midterm election shows that this is going to work. Now new representatives need to take the same approach as Ocassio Cortez, Ro Khanna, Bernie Sanders, and others to fill Congress with legislators that will actually represent the American people.

Now we need to make the biggest push for actual representation that we have ever seen. 2020 is our battleground and these “fringe” and “inconsequential” ideas are being backed by an army of supporters that they cannot fight against. Welcome to America, time to take it back.